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We strive to provide products casters need.   We have developed several products to make the job of casting good bullets easier and faster. 

 This section explains the use of some of these products, where to find them, how to use them, and what they do.   Every so often, we will swap this out for another family of products so check back and learn about all of our specialty tools.


Installing Gas Checks



  • Gas checks are at times needed to get the best out of a cast bullet, but no one is going to argue that they don't add a degree of difficulty to creating good bullets as well.  If they are the slightest bit out of alignment they can tear the base or not seat properly or both.  What's worse, different brands of gas checks are different sizes at the mouth (even though bases are the same) so a bullet that fits perfectly with Gator Checks, may not fit as well with Lyman or Hornady brands.    NOE has come up with three innovative products to help with installing gas checks.


Bullet Base Chamfer tools

OThese tools are designed to precisely taper the bullet base to ease gas check installation.  Available in both manual and drill mounted for big jobs.

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Bullet Gripper

When trying to hold small bullets and use the chamfer tools, this comes in very handy.  Save your finger tips. 

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Gas Check Expanders

These tools open the mouth of gas checks to a unifiorm dimension so installation is more precise.  Even within the  same lot of checks, mouth diamters vary.  These tools precisely open the check so you get the same install every time.

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