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Tired of fighing with and ruining bullets and gas checks by misaligning them during install?  Try our Bullet Base Chamfer Tools and Gas check expanders to remove the headache of check installs.

Made in USA

We are updating and reviatlizing our site.  We hope you like the changes we are making.


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Our FAQ section.  We answer as many questions as we can here. If you have a question and cant find an answer let us know.

Shop from hundreds of moulds and thousands of tools to make casting, sizing, lubing, and loading easy and effective.

Our forums are active with both members of NOE staff and users of our products. Learn what others are doing with NOE products.

Some time back, we relized our naming scheme wasn't working so we fixed it.  Here is the list of changes.

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Here you will find pictures of our moulds, machinery, and other products. We hope to add an how its made section soon.


This is the place to see all the dimensions for all the bullet designs.





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